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Enterprise Information Technology (EIT)

Traditionally, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Development, Modernization and Enhancement (DME) comprise Enterprise Information Technology (EIT). These two components comprise “keeping the lights on” and engineering support to deliver innovative solutions, while providing better end user services and engagements. Challenges faced include increasing demands for end user services and engagements, expanding federal mission objectives and decreasing resources highlighted by decreasing budgets and shifting budget priorities.

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ATI recognizes that classic O&M, keeping the enterprise infrastructure services operational and available, represents the largest component of an ongoing technology budget. The introduction of an IT Service Management (ITSM) approach encourages more than sustainment but adds an improvement-centric focus. The federal government needs to continue to perform “more (mission) with less (resources)” and that drives ATI to an “operation with enhancements” (O&E) philosophy. O&E increases and improves the value and the quality of the technologies being provided to our federal customers so they can improve the value and quality of the services that they are providing to citizens, businesses and other Government institutions both within our country and globally.

ATI provides more than just the resources to meet requirements. ATI partners with our federal customers, as well as other federal contractors, to identify new solutions and approaches aligned to improve value and quality from technologies. Those technologies may be legacy technologies that still best fit a particular use case; state of the art that can be repurposed for another business application; or emerging, innovative and experimental technologies developed and tested at research universities through the Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) program.

Since ATI’s inception in 1994 we have, and continue to, provide both our federal agency partners and industry partners serving federal clients with the following services:

  • Application/System Development

  • Application/System Operations, Maintenance and Enhancements

  • Application/System Modernization/Migration

  • Cyber/System Design Security

  • Data Center Services (On Premise and In the Cloud)

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

  • DevOps (End to End)/Modular System Rebuilds

  • IT Service Management

  • IT Training and Staff Realignment

  • Network/Telecommunications Engineering and Support

  • Service Desk and End User Support

  • Service Oriented Architecture/Micro-Services

A Sampling of ATI’s EIT Performance

Enterprise monitoring and data collection solution to improve rout cause analysis and future system planning


Network engineering and technical services


Implementation of virtual architecture with the digital imaging program


Development, testing and deployment of instructional system

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