Modernize, Transform and Design for the Future
“Design for the Future” replaces “Supporting the Past”. This cultural shift proactively engineers transformation into future plans and designs, reducing cost and dependence on operations and maintenance activities. ATI’s approach minimizes siloed point solutions, migrating to a “modular” approach. Technologies and workflow processes can be enhanced and, when needed, replaced without disruption to the business process, ensuring mission continuity.

ATI Case Study

ATI was selected to develop, enhance and maintain the legacy Foreign Currency Accounting System (FCAS) for the Department of Treasury, Financial Management Service (FMS) now part of the Bureau of Fiscal Services (BFS). In addition to development and enhancement, ATI provides the ongoing maintenance of
production mainframe, mid-tier and web applications and technical support for existing applications. ATI continues to support under several follow-on competitively sourced contracts, the Budget Reporting Division in re-hosting this legacy system from obsolete hardware to the new FMS enterprise architecture.